australian breeder pairs for sale
Australian breeder pairs are available for sale @ Rs. 850/- per pair. Opaline, Pied, Spangle in yellow, blue, green and white color. Home breed. Good  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: February 15, 3:12 pm
2 pairs of Spangles prize is Rs.800/pair.2 male of Spangles prize is Rs.350/piece.2 male of undersized king. marked with red circle in first picture. Prize  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: February 10, 2:26 am
Salam, me apni moti tazi buff pair sell krna chahata hn. jo ke bohut payary dekhty hai or anday be dyty hain. ager kisi ny  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: January 29, 3:37 pm
Hi i want to sell love birds confirm breeding pairs. all are very healthy. my demand is 5,000 rupees per pair.  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: January 20, 2:59 pm
cockatoo breeder pair for sale
Medium size Sulphur Cockatoo Breeder Pair For Sale at very reasonable rate.My demand is 165,000 currently i am in karachi. contact for more information and  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: October 19, 4:02 pm
sulphur cockatoo pair for sale
adult sulphur cockatoo pair for sale. approx one year with me. no breeding history yet. My final demand is 150,000.  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: October 18, 5:09 am
australian birds for sale
Hi i want to sell australian birds pairs which includes pied, bajri, red eyes and sepngal. all are very activeand ready to breed. serious buyers  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: October 18, 5:00 am
yellow blue gray ring neck and cocktail for sale
i have yellow blue gray and cocktail breader pairs for sale and cages as well 03017777287  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: August 25, 3:16 am
raw parrot
7 months old  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: August 24, 1:50 am
Hi i want to sell Australian Budgies at very cheap rate. My demand is only Rs 650 per pair. Total 90 paires out of which  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: August 20, 2:12 pm
trained green wing macaws for sale
We currently have healthy trained green wing macaws young and adults ready for delivery to loving homes at discounted prices. We delivery all our green  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: August 8, 7:03 am
yellow ring necks 6 pieces 6 months old
i have healthy yellow ring necks 6 months old .... six pieces .... 10,000/- per piece  more...
By: asim
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Posted on: August 6, 6:44 pm
3 pairs of young cocktail for sale
3 pairs of cocktail for sail behboodi hazro distt attock  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: June 25, 11:47 am
A.O.A, I want to sale My beautiful healthy, active and good looking breeder love bird pair. only serious persons can contact. I have attached the  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: June 23, 4:46 pm
Hi all, I want to sale my beautiful, healthy active latino lovebirds breeder pair. only serious and interested buyers contact Me. I have attached the  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: June 23, 6:50 am
raw breeding pair for sale
Hi, I am selling Raw Breeding Pair.They are very beautiful, healthy and active. interested person contact at 03335531939  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: May 16, 12:02 pm
The pair of healthy and strong gravel, spectacling breeding, is selling in very low price.  more...
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Posted on: May 11, 4:39 am
raw  ringneck  african grey chicks for sale
AoA friends, i am selling raw, ringneck, african grey chicks. they are between 7days to 1 month age. very healthy and active.  more...
By: Anonymous
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Posted on: April 24, 8:19 am
yellow nape amazons pure breed baby available for sale
we raise our babies with love and lots of attention. All of our parrots are exposed to the busy family life of teenagers and pets  more...
By: Anonymous
Views: 170
Posted on: April 24, 7:58 am
Young Blue Front Amazon for sale.(30 years exp., but no longer breeding birds).Please know pricing of these birds before contacting that you will know that  more...
By: Anonymous
Views: 133
Posted on: April 20, 3:18 am
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