Office Exercise Equipment

The Office of Personnel Management said Thursday that it will allow employees to deduct up to $750 for each office-equipment item that they purchase for their own personal use.

That amount is less than the $1,200 per month per employee that Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney had proposed.

It is lower than the average monthly salary for employees in the federal government who are responsible for purchasing their own office equipment.

The Office will begin charging employees for items on Nov. 1.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone is on the same page about what their options are for office equipment,” said John O’Donnell, an OPM spokesman.

“In many cases, people can make the most out of the Office of Government Ethics’ guidance that says you should not be using your office equipment for personal purposes.

It’s really a great tool to help the agency ensure that people are not being ripped off by an overzealous, overzealously efficient bureaucracy.”OPM’s policy was unveiled in February, with the goal of “rebuilding trust and restoring credibility to the OPM.”

Mulvane’s proposal, which had been approved by the Office’s top ethics official, came after OPM said last month that it had not received any complaints about the agency’s policies.

It also was the first time in years that the office of the agency administrator had allowed employees to take out personal loans to purchase office equipment without having to pay them back.

OPM spokeswoman Anne McElhinney said that the agency has “not received any reports of employees purchasing equipment for their personal use or otherwise misusing the Office.

The agency is continuing to make changes to its office equipment policies to make it clear that any employee who purchases office equipment from an office can deduct the cost from their paycheck.”

Mulvaney, who is leading the House committee that oversees OPM, said he will soon issue guidance on what his office will do to ensure that its employees are getting the best value for their office equipment purchases.

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