Office Exercise Equipment

A new business model is being used to cut down on costs in offices around the world, from London to Berlin.

It’s called the Office Equipment Index (OEI), which compares the cost of office equipment and services with the cost at which they were available, according to the organisation’s website.

“The goal of the Office Equity Index is to reduce the price of equipment to the lowest levels possible,” says the organisation.

“By providing information on the equipment, the data can be used to create a tool for the end user, helping them to determine how much to spend and what to do with their equipment.”

It’s a clever way to save money, but it has its drawbacks.

For example, some of the most common office equipment is not cheap. 

“The Office Equipment Budget Calculator is available for free on OEI’s website and can provide you with a range of data and statistics about what is on offer at your office,” it explains.

“We’re hoping that the new tool will help you to find the best equipment for your needs.”

Some of the best-known products include a computer, laptop and desk lamp, but there are many other products.

Here are some of their more notable features:The OEIs data is used to help people identify the most suitable office equipment for their specific needs.

For example, if you have an office with a large amount of computer equipment, then a laptop or desk lamp is likely to be a better investment than a desk or a projector.

The data also reveals the price ranges for each office item, such as the cost per watt of electricity required to power a projector, according the organisation:OEIs also provides insight into how much money each office equipment item costs, such a a “power budget”, “power efficiency”, “capacity factor”, “compatibility factor”, and “availability factor”.

For example the energy budget can be compared to a budget for a desk lamp.

“This is an important part of understanding the economics of a specific product, such that we can better identify where the price is really justified,” says OEAs co-founder, Professor Tim Jolliffe. 

Some of these are also useful in situations where the office equipment itself is expensive, such with mobile phones.

“As technology advances, so do the expectations around what an office can be, so when we find that you can save money in an office by replacing an old phone, that’s really great,” he adds.

A range of offices around Europe use the data to set the budget for the latest equipment, and even the Office of the Vice President (OVP) in London uses the OEIS to make sure it can continue to keep up with the demand for office equipment.

In recent years, OEInsight has also partnered with the British Government to publish the Office Energy Efficiency Index (OEI).

This is a database of products and services that have a high energy efficiency rating.

For more on the OfficeEquity Index, see our previous story here:

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