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The Office of the National Coordinator for Cybersecurity Services has issued a request for proposals for the development of a new cyber security program, according to a statement released by the department.

The Cybersecurity Initiative would include “a national strategy, training, and support for all US government agencies and institutions that provide cybersecurity services, including critical infrastructure.”

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Services, the department’s cybersecurity coordinator, will be appointed by the secretary of defense, the statement said.

The proposal will be developed within the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Directorate and the Office of National Coordinator will oversee the effort, the spokesperson said.

“The Cybersecurity initiative will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the nation’s cyber operations and provide increased oversight and control for all federal agencies and agencies of the federal government,” the statement added.

The office will develop a strategy and set a goal for the effort.

“It will provide a common, common-sense, mission-driven, and cost-effective way for the U.S. government to secure the Nation’s critical infrastructure and enhance our cybersecurity capabilities,” the office statement said, adding that the proposal is expected to be finalized within two months.

A spokeswoman for the White House did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment on the proposal.

The administration has struggled to convince lawmakers to invest in cybersecurity programs since the 2016 election.

President Donald Trump repeatedly pledged during his campaign to build a wall along the U,S.-Mexico border.

“I want our country back,” Trump said during a January interview with “The View” that was taped shortly after the election.

“We have to have a wall.

And we have to get our infrastructure back.

We have to rebuild our country.

And I have a very big border with Mexico.

We’re going to have to go very hard.

I want our borders closed.”

The president has since repeatedly pledged that he would not reopen the border.

But he did open the U.-Mexico-Canada border in 2018.

The Trump administration has said it has already completed plans to build the border wall, but that the money will come from a fund the administration has used to pay for other border security projects.

Trump also promised to build an additional wall along America’s southern border and vowed to build another border wall along his northern border.

The president also pledged to end sanctuary cities, a move that was met with fierce backlash from immigrant rights groups and others.

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