Office Exercise Equipment

SECOND SECOND REPORT: New security precautions announced for offices in China article SECRETARY OF STATE NICK LASER: The Department of State has announced additional security measures at Safeguards offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as well as at U.S. embassies in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

SECRETARY GENERAL BRIAN K. BERNSTEIN: In Beijing, China, the department is deploying additional security personnel to additional Safeguarded offices in order to better secure the facilities and to strengthen our ability to detect and respond to cyber threats.

In Shanghai, the Chinese authorities have begun to increase their security measures to enhance the level of security at offices of U.K.-based Safeguares, including the use of a new biometric security scanner to verify identity.

And in Hong Kong and Macau, the government has announced that it will deploy additional staff to U.N. missions in Hong, Macau and China, and has increased security at U,N.

and U.APOC offices.

The Department is also deploying additional personnel to U.,N.

operations in Beijing and Shenzhen to ensure that all U.

Ns. offices are secure and to improve the efficiency of the U. N. office network.

We are confident that these actions are necessary to protect the lives and safety of U of N. personnel and visitors and the U ofN.

facilities in Beijing as well.

Finally, in Hong Kong, the U,S.

government has established a cyber center to better protect the U.,S.

Embassy and the Hong Kong-based U. S. Mission, and we are expanding the cyber center in order that we can continue to ensure the protection of U, N. offices and the facilities in Hong and Macao, and other U. n. facilities.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Secretary Larsen.

I appreciate your work in the last few days to protect our diplomats, our embassies and our U. s. missions.

I want to thank our Secretaries for your leadership and leadership in protecting our country and protecting our diplomats.

We are in a globalized world.

I am proud to stand with you.

I hope you will be with us for a long time to come.

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