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The answer to that question could be the most important piece of information about Arizona, but it’s not necessarily easy to find.

Yuma is about 70 miles north of Tucson, a town of about 1,100 people about 120 miles west of Phoenix.

The county has a population of about 16,000, but Yuma County has only about 10,000 residents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

That’s because it has a large number of non-white residents, and some are in the middle of nowhere and are considered poor by the Census Bureau’s poverty definition.

“We’re just a really low-income community,” said James H. Givens, a retired teacher who lives in the area.

“There are people who are on food stamps.

There are people in poverty.

People are trying to live in the ghetto.

We just don’t have any infrastructure or schools, and that’s why the poverty is so high.”

Givins said the county’s only official official guide, published by the Yuma City Council, is outdated.

“I’ve got the county budget and they’re spending a lot of money to keep it up,” he said.

“The budget they just put out in December for $30 million is way too high.

They should spend $50 million instead.”

The county’s official guide has been updated several times since its first publication in the late 1990s, and it’s now the most recent version, which is out now.

But even that guide, which covers the county as a whole, is based on data from the Census bureau, which estimates the county to have around 12,000 people in need of services.

The guide also does not include many of the services that Yuma has, such as water and sewer, but that’s because they are federally funded.

It also does little to describe how the county is governed and has no county government office, and the county has no elected officials.

But Givans said it’s still a useful guide because it includes things like employment, housing, public works, schools, libraries and other services.

“It’s all public resources,” he explained.

“They just don

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