Office Exercise Equipment


– A small business in Brooklyn has found its biggest, most valuable, and most colorful office equipment shop.

The shop, called The Big Belly, has been selling and refurbishing office equipment to clients for over 20 years.

The shop, which is located in the city’s South End neighborhood, is a treasure trove of office equipment and supplies, including kitchen appliances, desks, monitors, and much more. 

The Big Bette specializes in office furniture and office accessories.

The items that make up the shop’s inventory are usually the ones that were bought as gifts, not for sale.

The store sells the items at a discount to the rest of the local retail industry, and some of the items are actually donated to the nonprofit organization that houses the shop.

“We really wanted to do something for the community,” said the shop owner, David Williams, who is also the manager of The Big Cone Coffeehouse in Brooklyn.

We’re giving it away for free, but it’s a blessing for our community, so we have to do it.””

We’re just trying to put this stuff together so people can use it. 

We’re giving it away for free, but it’s a blessing for our community, so we have to do it.”

Williams said he had been hoping to sell his shop for a while, but was only able to secure a loan to finance the renovation of the shop in February.

He said the loan is being repaid by donations from his employees, who have been donating items to the charity.

“I’ve always been very self-reliant and always have,” he said.

“I was hoping to find a way to make some money, and I’ve done a lot of work on the store, but this has really put me in the position to do what I need to do for my community.” 

“I want to make it look like we are making it all for ourselves,” said Williams. 

Williams said the refurbished equipment has been used by clients in a variety of industries.

He also said that the staff has a good relationship with the store’s customers, as well as with the customers themselves. 

Bobby Hill, the owner of the nearby Cappuccino Bar, said that he was thrilled to see the Big Bettes success. 

He said that The Big Big Bitch is a popular and unique store in his neighborhood, and that he hopes to see more businesses like it in the future. 

“[The shop] has always been a great shop,” he explained. 

Hill said that there are other small businesses in Brooklyn that are also selling office equipment for a fraction of the prices that The Belly does. 

When asked what his favorite thing about The Big Bit’s shop is, Hill said, “It’s the people who are here.” 

The owners plan to donate $10,000 to the organization that has housed the shop for many years, The Community Center for the Arts.

Development Is Supported By

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