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A couple of years ago, a medical assistant was introduced to me as an employee of the doctor office.

At the time, I had no idea what they were.

I didn’t know what a doctor’s office was.

What was an office?

What was a clinic?

I had never heard of a hospital.

I would have thought they were a place for patients to come to, like an office.

I was wrong.

A few years later, a nurse in the same office told me that the word “doctor” was actually an abbreviation for “medical assistant.”

She explained that it was an acronym for “department of healthcare.”

I was amazed.

And when I learned the name of the hospital I was in, I was stunned.

What a bizarre name.

I thought to myself, How did I get to that hospital?

I don’t know.

It wasn’t until I started researching the word hospital that I realized I was actually on the wrong side of the divide.

When people hear the word medical, they typically think of a doctor, hospital, and pharmacy.

But in reality, we’re often more likely to think of healthcare as a place to be, to be treated, or to go for treatment.

The difference between doctors and medical assistants can be confusing.

But to get to a place where I’m actually seeing the difference, you have to understand a little bit more about the different terms we use.

The Medical Assistant and Hospitality Terms As I wrote in my previous post on the topic, hospitals and doctor’s offices are different things in a lot of ways.

They’re not the same thing.

The term “hospital” is more descriptive of the building where you have a procedure or a procedure.

“Hospital” is often used to refer to a hospital that has a specific type of facility.

For example, a hospital with a primary care department is called a hospital, whereas a primary health care department has a broader scope.

In contrast, the term “doctor’s office” is used to describe a doctor who is not in charge of a specific facility.

“Doctor” is a general term for a doctor.

You might hear a doctor say, “I’ll be the doctor tomorrow.”

The term doctor is also used to address a medical technician.

The person performing a procedure is called the doctor.

But when you’re talking about a medical office, “doctor office” refers to a doctor performing a medical procedure.

A hospital’s physician is the person who will be doing the procedure.

The doctor will likely have a wide range of medical expertise, including a lot more than a medical specialist.

But because the doctor is not directly involved in the procedure, the doctor’s work will be a broad area of expertise that is not necessarily focused on a specific procedure.

In a doctor-office setting, the patient is referred to as a patient, and the doctor as the doctor, and you have the person performing the procedure as the person on duty.

In other words, the physician’s job is not to be a specialist in a specific area of care.

It’s to be the person in charge, to make the patient comfortable and understand the procedures and what they are supposed to do.

In this context, the name “doctor”, on its own, doesn’t have much meaning.

You’d probably find it helpful to think about “doctor assistant” as a shorthand for the term physician.

But it’s also helpful to know that the term doctor has come to mean something else, and that the hospital that you’re in is not the doctor that you would expect.

For instance, a doctor would not be the only person working in a doctor office, and a hospital would not have the same level of expertise as a doctor does.

What Is the Difference Between the Hospital and a Clinic?

Before you ask, yes, hospitals are hospitals.

But there’s a big difference between a hospital and a clinic.

As the term hospital implies, the hospital is a place in which patients come to get treatment.

A clinic is the place where patients are treated.

And as you might expect, hospitals do have a higher level of staffing than clinics.

The problem with hospitals and clinics is that both hospitals and practices are located in the community, which means that there’s more opportunity for problems to arise.

For this reason, a major problem with healthcare is that there are very few hospitals and very few clinics in the US.

The same goes for health care in general.

So to get an idea of the differences between a doctor and a doctor assistant, I looked at the following chart: The hospital is the primary care doctor who performs the surgery, while the clinic is where patients come for treatment, and is usually a place with a large staff.

The hospital and clinic are typically in the neighborhood, so you’ll find them in a number of locations throughout the country.

But the problem is that even within the same county, you’ll see a few clinics that are just as bad as a

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