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When Amazon announced its Echo, the first Amazon Echo device to be marketed as an appliance, some wondered if Amazon had built a new kind of home assistant.

But, the Amazon Echo isn’t a new Echo.

It’s not just a product of Amazon’s Echo brand.

It is the very first product of its kind to feature an Amazon Alexa voice assistant, a new version of the Amazon voice assistant that can speak in a conversational manner and can be controlled from anywhere in the home.

So, if Amazon Echo’s Amazon Alexa product isn’t the new Echo, what is it?

The Alexa voice-activated assistant is a companion device for Amazon’s Alexa voice technology, developed by Amazon in partnership with Google.

Alexa was introduced as part of the Google Assistant mobile app and is now available for both Android and iOS.

With its unique feature set, Alexa is a unique device that makes it an ideal candidate for home automation, with its ability to control and manage appliances and other devices from anywhere, said Mark Rizk, a professor of engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Alexa is designed to complement a home’s thermostat.

It provides the ability to set the temperature of a room and the ability for a user to set a timer to turn the room on or off.

Alexas capabilities are similar to those of an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

The Echo also has a camera that can capture a 360-degree image of the room in real-time.

The Echo has a voice control feature, similar to the voice control functionality of an iPhone or iPad.

Users can control the Echo from any location on the device, including the speakerphone.

Alexa is also designed to work with third-party smart home automation systems, such as Nest.

Alexanodes unique feature sets also include the ability, as well as a number of sensors and controls, to help users control appliances remotely.

Alexahax has been available in a limited form since July for a limited time at, and a full-sized version of Alexa is now in stock.

Amazon has said that the device is designed with the ability of being used as a standalone device and will not be sold as a separate product.

Rizk said Alexa is meant to be “a companion device that can control and control other devices in the house.”

While the Amazon Alexa device is meant for home use, it is also meant to interact with smart home products, such the Nest thermostats, that are being designed to help consumers get more connected to their homes.

The thermostators will be connected to the Echo through Alexa and will allow the Echo to control the thermostator remotely, Rizs said.

The device will be available in three models: the Amazon Echos new Alexa, Echo 2 and Echo 3.

The Echoes two-pack will have Amazon Alexa with the Echo 2, and Echo will include an Echo Mini, an Echo Pro, a Echo Max and a Echo Dot.

Razick said that Amazon is trying to create a device that’s easy to use, and he said that he expects that Amazon will include a “home control app” in the Echo.

“The idea is that if you are interested in a product that’s a smart home and the only thing you need is a thermostater, that will allow you to get started with that product, and then it will be easy to move on to more advanced products,” Razick said.

Rozick said it’s difficult to predict what Amazon will sell as a product, but he said the company is “going to try to create products that are more appealing to consumers.”

Rizks team of engineers are creating a product called Amazon’s Cloud, which he said will be similar to Amazon’s existing Alexa products.

It will have Alexa as the central hub for the Echo, and it will allow users to control other connected devices such as a thermo-controller and lights.

The Amazon Cloud is slated to go live sometime next year.

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