Office Exercise Equipment

Southport’s Office Equipment (OE) is expected to be fully equipped by next week and will be tested for impact, including how much water and soil it has been exposed to, to assess how it will respond to the Canterbury quake, according to the Southport Regional Council.

SA Government Minister Mark Bailey said the OE would be fully up to scratch.

“We are very pleased to have a fully operational office in SouthPort, Southport City Council, and the SouthPort Government will be working closely with SA Government and the regional councils on this important upgrade,” Mr Bailey said.

Mr Bailey said it was hoped the office equipment could be operational by next Monday, with the SA Government undertaking to provide support for the cost of the upgrade.

“This will be a very, very important and important step in helping SA become a much more resilient state in the future,” he said.

“The Southport office equipment is already operating at a very high level and we want to ensure that this continues and is well-equipped to respond to any impacts from the Canterbury earthquakes.”

Mr Bailey did not say how much money the upgrade would cost.

The SA Government is working with SA Councils to plan for a new SA office, including the purchase of new equipment and support for its maintenance, Mr Bailey added.

“We have made significant investments in our office equipment including upgrades to the existing office equipment and the installation of new IT systems, including a new computer system that will allow us to manage our data in a more efficient way,” he told the ABC.

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