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The Canadian government says it’s not in “a panic” about cyberbullies targeting government offices in Canada, but the technology company that has the most serious cases of cyber bullying has said it’s doing its best to identify the perpetrators.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services says the majority of the cyberbullied employees at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade were female and young.

The department says it will not publicly name the employees who were targeted because it’s still investigating the incidents.

It says it doesn’t know how many of the affected employees are female.

But IT specialist and blogger Jamey Kursman says the IT department is not doing enough to help its female employees.

He says it should be better trained in identifying cyberbulliers.

The ministry’s statement comes as more than 100 women at the department are asking for gender-neutral pronouns for people they say have bullied them.

The government has not officially announced the policy.

Jamey says the government should look into the issue of bullying at the IT agency and give the female staff more options.

(CBC News)”It’s a really serious issue, especially for females.

And I think there’s a lot of people who are really upset about it and it’s really sad,” he said.”

I think the government needs to be more proactive in addressing it.

I think they should really make sure that if they’re going to take steps to try and identify people who do this, that they’re not just trying to get at people.

It’s really important.”

In the past, the IT Department of Canada has faced some backlash for its handling of cyber-bullying issues, but Kursmiller says the latest controversy is far from over.

“They’re going through a really traumatic time right now, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

They’ve been trying to do their best to address it and now they’ve been accused of doing it,” he says.

The IT department says the issue is being investigated and that it will respond with more information to its staff and the public once it’s ready.

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