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Many Exotic Baby Birds - Lahore
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Rs. 300
  • Lahore
  • 24 March,2014

As always, we offer the best quality hand raise parrots. I can't help but talk about these beautiful young birds we want to downsize. They are so sweet, lovable, and one is speaking already! They are well socialized with many people including children. We are currently seeking serious buyers in parrots for a long and lasting terms. The patnership should be based on volumes. currently we can supply the following parrots availab

- Double Yellow Headed Amazons.
- Red Sided Eclectus.
- Hill Mynahs.
- Umbrella Cockatoos.
- Sulfur Crested Cockatoos.
- Moluccan Cockatoos.
- Rose Breasted Cockatoos.
- Military Macaws.
- Scarlet Macaws.
- Blue & Gold Macaws.
- Congo African Greys.
- Yellow Napped Amazons.
- White Bellied Caiques.
- Sun Conures.

we give lifetime support on how to raise the birds and we also give food formulas free of charge. We have both weaned and none weaned, No birds will be sold that are not 100% weaned unless you agree to learn how to hand feed formula or are an experienced breeder/hand feeder. I have successfully taught novices how to hand feed within minutes of instruction. so we give 100% lifetime support and shipping if available. serious inquiries only please.we look for long term buyers as we now have constant sales of parrots and eggs every 2-3 months. for more information please contact us directly.

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